Monday, November 9, 2009


Just finished streaming this short documentary on zombie films.

Even though it says a 'who's who of the zombie world', it really is more of a tribute to George Romero and his influence on the American zombie film. And there ain't NOTHING wrong with that.

There's some discussion of what zombie films were like before Night of the Living Dead, how NOLD changed zombies on film forever, a short fast vs.slow zombie debate (the film seems to come out on the slow side of the argument), the evolution of zombie makeup, and a fun discussion about how those of us that love the zombie also LOVE to plan out how we're going to survive the onslaught of the undead.

A lot of it was stuff I'd heard before, but the way the interviews were done and the context in which they were put made most of it seem new. If you're a big fan of Romero, Savini, Nicotero, and friends, then you'll probably enjoy this documentary.

nom nom nom

However, if you want more information about zombie films from other countries and how those filmmakers were influenced by American films - or vice versa - well, you're going to have to wait till someone makes that film, because this ain't it.

But it's a very well done documentary, and it covers a lot of ground in a short period of time (56 minutes! My short attention span thanks you!) and maybe best of all, it's directed by a woman-Donna Davies. See - the ladies love zombies too! Yay!

The documentary also spent some time on this Canadian film for some reason. For reasons I'm sure will become apparent, I. MUST. SEE. THIS:

OMG. OMG. OMG. (Adds it to Netflix list)

It was also fun because just when you think you know it all about Romero films, hey, you turn around and learn some more. Watching this made me want to sit down and watch them all -Night to Dawn to Day to Land to Diary....and then throw in Knightriders just because I wanna. Because any day is a good day to watch men joust on motorcycles.

Especially when those men include Tom Savini without a shirt on.

Uncle George, you totally ROCK!

Word to your mother.

Mother Firefly

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