Monday, November 30, 2009

El Chupacabra!!! (A Day of Great Art!)

I spent last Saturday at the awesome Art Vs. Craft Show here in Milwaukee, and came home with a few really cool goodies. The show calls itself 'an alternative market for innovative and handmade work'. I've been to it three times since it started a few years ago, and it never disappoints.

Behold, the Chupacabra!

This was my graduation present from a good friend who I attended the show with :)

Courtesy of Christina Ward Creatures.

Let me tell you, this woman makes all kinds of fabulous creatures including feral cats) and her monsters were selling like hotcakes at this show. I lost track of the number of people I saw carrying around a Chupacabra at the show. And she also sells them to you in these fabulous t-shirt bags (t-shirts that she cuts and sews to make bags with handles- mine came in a Megadeth tshirt/bag, of all things). Unfortunately, her Etsy shop is empty now, but hopefully she'll have items for sale again soon.

I also got this great messenger bag by Jimbot:
Trust me, my photography is not doing it justice. It's comfy to carry, it's freaking HUGE and it has pockets on the sides, and zippered pockets inside.

Not only does he make great bags (I carried this today and I'm not sure how I managed to live without it until now - where have you been all my life, Jimbot??) but he's a fabulous artist. His paintings are beyond yummy.

I'll definitely be looking to pick up some of these soon.
Go to his website and check out his gallery, etsy shop and blog.

I also picked up some awesome zombie prints from Matt Cipov:
You can buy this and other great zombie prints at his Etsy shop here.

Plus - when I bought the zombie prints, he gave me a free sticker with a zombie on it that says 'Ask Me About My Zombies' (!!!!)

I was so pumped to see so much how much scary/horror/sci-fi art was available at the show. Can't wait for the next round.

In the not-scary category, I also picked up a great set of really yummy soaps from Biggs and Featherbelle.
If you check out products on their website, and wonder if something smells good, trust me, IT DOES. It's a small company run by two sisters (mom was also at the show this weekend). They also do shows all over the country - so check here to see if they'll be in your city anytime soon.

Support an artist for the holidays - zombie prints for everyone on your Christmas list!

Mother Firefly

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