Monday, January 5, 2009

Vacayshon is Ovah....Almost....Again.....

Well, my longest break since beginning nursing school is coming to an end. If I didn't know by looking at the calendar, I'd know by my dreams last night.....had a classic 'missed my first day of school' one last night. I went back to my old job and started working like nothing was different...then looked at the clock and realized I'd missed my first day back. NICE. Love those dreams.

I'm taking a WinterIm class during the next two weeks that starts in two days. I've been highly tempted to drop it, but it's hard to deny how nice it is to finish a 3 credit class in two weeks. So I will take it. The book came today so I guess I gotta start reading it.

I should have a week off inbetween that and the new 'Spring' semester....and then things will really be picking up in the first or second week of February. I'll be starting my new clinicals and my new position as a TA and taking three classes.

On the kitty-kat front, Chance is back with us for a while. He did not adjust well to life at the store where he was being put up for adoption. He did get neutered, vaccinated, and tested..and everything was fine physically....but everyone felt that he needs time to adjust to being a housekitty again before he can be adopted. So he's back here for a while and we're letting him roam around more than before so he can see what it's like to live in a house in real life.

I've watched a few movies lately......and finished Season 4 of Lost. VERY happy to see they threw in a good old fashioned Sayid kick ass-a-thon for your girl in those last couple of episodes. Thank You, people who make Lost.

I'm not going to take the time to do a big review on any of these, but this is what I've been watching lately.

Elvis Marathon:
I bought myself for CHEAP a 4 movie Elvis set at Target. Elvis movies are somewhat interchangeable.
I mean, we know going in that the following criteria are sure to be met:

1) Elvis will be able to break into song and/or dance with OR without the need or benefit of a backing band,
2)Elvis' hair will be a not-found-in-the-natural-world shade of black and at least 97% of it will NOT MOVE for the entire movie
3)Elvis will also break into a fight at least once (and in Kissin' Cousins', where Elvis plays two parts, he will even fight himself! BEST. Elvis. Fight. EVER)
4) Elvis will fall for a chick who doesn't want him at either the beginning or midway through the movie, while every other female in a 50 mile radius will be fainting over him
5)Elvis will always be preternaturally pretty. It's true. Elvis quit making movies before he got tubby and too drugged out.
6)Elvis is prone to smacking women on the behind.

When I was a kid, one of our local stations played 4 o'oclock movies on weekdays. A lot of times, they were theme weeks, like Godzilla movies, or killer animal movies. Elvis theme weeks happened A LOT. When I was really young (pre-kindergarten), I could never figure out why the people in the movie didn't call Elvis Elvis. I guess I thought that the movies were just people filming Elvis having different adventures. Which kind of makes the movies funnier on a whole other level when you think about it.

I've made it through 3 out of the 4 in my set: Girl Happy (I picked this set because this movie was on it and it is my favorite Elvis movie....although not much happens to distinguish it from other Elvis movies), Kissin' Cousins, and Tickle Me. I still have Live a Little, Love a Little left to go. It's a great set I picked up at Target for about 8 bucks.....and you can't go wrong at 2.00 per Elvis movie. A bargain, indeed.

Here are some other films I've been watching lately (a lot of them at the theater, we've been back in full swing again)

Savage Streets
Another film I picked up lately that I kinda sorta remembered from my youth but not real well. but I'm sure everyone knows by now, I heart the crap out of a good down and dirty female revenge film. I also have a huge soft spot in my little black heart for Linda Blair. Perhaps its because she was responsible for scaring me so bad in The Exorcist. I was going to do a full on review of this awesome movie, but I decided to skip it since I haven't done it already.
It's also fun because it's soooooo dated and filled to the brim with cliches like the oldest high schoolers in the world, girl cat fights in the shower (check out the two naked girls seemingly fighting for no reason behind the two main characters fighting for a good reason...a boy of course) and it'll leave you wondering just how in the heck Linda Blair maintained such nipple hardness under her shirts for so long. I mean, you CANNOT miss them, even if you want to. Go ahead and try. I dare you.

This is probably the ultimate edition of this fun film- two discs filled with interviews and commentaries. I also heard a rumor that the company that put this out may have went out of business? I can't substantiate that but if you're interested in picking it up, you may want to do it sooner rather than later.

Okay, you are either gonna want to see Twilight or not. If you get all horned up at the prospect of some sexy vampire sweeping you off your feet, (and there are PLENTY that do, trust me) then by all means....go see this. I was afraid it'd be loaded with MTV style editing but I was relieved to find it wasn't. It's a guilty pleasure movie right up there with Roadhouse and Showgirls. Although, like 99% less skanky. And no Patrick Swayze.

Slumdog Millionaire
A GREAT film. Danny Boyle does it again. Go, Danny, go. I'm crossing my fingers for Oscar time.

Yes Man
The most enjoyable thing I've seen Jim Carrey do in a long time. Not the best Jim Carrey by far, but I was amused.

Quantum of Solace
I'll just state two things. One-Daniel Craig is a smoldering smolderer with the best of them. Two-I am missing the part of the brain that would allow me to enjoy and understand spy movies. I was also sitting under the heat vent at the theater and I got realllll sleeeeeeeeeeeepy. Stuff happened. Things blew up and Daniel Craig ran around. I napped.

Four Christmases
This is kind of like Twilight in that you either want to see Vince Vaughn movies or you don't. I happen to be in the 'do want' category. I laughed.

Seven Pounds
I knew just about zero going into this film and I think, besides Will Smith, that was a lot of the reason I wanted to see this. How often does THAT happen? Trailers ruin a lot of movies for me. So it was kind of cool to walk into a theater and have very little idea of what was going to I'll just leave it at that and not speak about the plot. I will say it was an interesting concept but also a movie that unfolded very. slowly. At one point it did kind of feel like I'd been in the theater a very long time, but I was still interested in how it was going to turn out. I will say if you are expecting joking happy Will Smith, this is not the film - the character he plays is more on par with I Am Legend-only probably even more serious.

I think that's it for the next couple of weeks, before school gets into full swing, I hope to get to a few more.

Mother Firefly


Jumbo's Lezis said...

I am hoping that Quantum Solice is good, actually I think I have already made it good in my head. If I didn't already have a man crush on statham and duchovney then craig would be in the running.

Seven pounds does look interesting, it will definitely be a rental for me. I watched an older will smith movie yesterday call Six Degrees or maybe it was Six Degrees of Separation, not sure. I caught bits and pieces but seemed pretty good.

Mother Firefly said...

I think you will like Seven Pounds.

I am not qualified to rate Quantum of Solace. Papa Cash said it was what he expected, a James Bond film. Take that for what you will.