Monday, October 11, 2010

Day Eight: Black Devil Doll

what can I say about Black Devil Doll?  It's on par with Thankskilling - with titles like these, there's really only two responses.  Either you're rolling your eyes and wondering how our culture could stoop so low (in which case you're probably not reading this blog) or you're all, HELLS YEAH WHERE DO I SIGN UP????

I think you know what side Mama F falls on.  Yes, the side with the extra cheese, please.

Black Devil Doll begins with a killer being put to death in the electric chair - a killer responsible for murdering several women.

Meanwhile, a young woman with big boobies and nothing better to do decides to play around with an Ouija Board:

And wham, bam, before you know it, we have.......Black Devil Doll.

For a while, things go okay between BDD and his new lady love. We know this because we have a montage showing us how in love they are.

 Tell me, who doesn't love a montage - especially one that features a large breasted woman playing with her puppet boyfriend at the park?  But eventually BDD gets bored, and tells his woman to bring her friends over, because he needs something new:

Except BDD has more in mind for these chicks besides lovin' (although he does that too, in just about every way you can imagine)

Make no mistake, BDD is made to offend - it's sleazy, it's nasty, and it's also hysterical.

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I waited months on an order from Deep Discount - and this movie was the one I was most pumped about. It didn't disappoint - it was just as nasty, tasteless, and as funny as I expected it would be.  Another bonus - a track you can play with the movie featuring the audience reaction at a screening. I thought that was great, and I'll definitely watch the movie again with that playing. There's also a commentary track featuring Black Devil Doll, but I haven't checked that out yet. Should be fun.


Jinx said...

Brilliant! Can't believe I haven't seen this. Must rectify that. Loving your Halloween lead up posts so much.

Mother Firefly said...

You're too kind! Can't WAIT to hear what you think of the movie.

Mandy Ann said...

"He's a mothafuckin puppet!"

Sweet Baby Jesus, this made me laugh.
Oh, do love. Do love.

Mother Firefly said...

Miss Mandy Ann, I think we need to get together and watch this with some liberal amounts of alcohol.

Mandy Ann said...

Oh hell, I had to come back and look at it again. I would LOVE to watch this with much liquor. And some damn cake. lets do it.

Mother Firefly said...

Oh hells yeah, we got to have CAKE! Cake, margaritas, muthafuckin puppets. Sounds AWESOME.

After I get back from Florida - it's a date!