Monday, October 11, 2010

Day Nine: Rifftrax: House on Haunted Hill

I heart House on Haunted Hill.  It's one of the movies I watch every I thought I'd do the Rifftrax version this year. (BTW, all the Rifftrax discs come with the regular non-Rifftrax version of the film as well).

The Rifftrax version had its moments - I've only seen three Rifftrax films, with Plan 9 From Outer Space being my favorite so far. I'd have to put HoHH in 3rd place - just as MST3K had some movies that lent themselves better to the format than others, the same is true with these films.

I think that maybe this doesn't work quite as well because House on Haunted Hill is actually a good movie. Sure, there's moments to poke fun at, but to me, this is maybe the best William Castle film and one of my favorite Price films.

Also, we have the delectable Carol Ohmart:

She and Price are all kinds of scrumptious.  I wish they'd made at least one more film together.  She's also amazing in another one of my favorite films, Spider Baby.

Still, in the set that I bought, the Rifftrax films came in at under five bucks each - that, with the original version of the film, is a pretty sweet deal. Otherwise, if you're considering buying some of these at full price, I'd hold off for a sale unless you don't already have a copy of this film and you are in all kinds of love with Mike Nelson. Then go for it.

Happy Birthday to Mike Nelson. Apparently he turns 46 today - I had no idea until I read The Halloween Blues tonight.

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