Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day Seven: The Undertaker and His Pals

I woke up Saturday morning craving a cheese-tastic horror flick, and for my money (and short attention span), you can't do much better than this little film:

With a runtime of just about 60 minutes (!), Undertaker wastes no time getting to the red stuff:

We have Sally Lamb, sitting at home, writing a letter (presumably to sailor boy in the photo on the table)

When she's attacked by three men in leather and motorcycle helmets:

Even sailor boy can't believe it:

Turns out her attackers only want parts of her body.....hmmmm.

Sally Lamb is laid to rest at the local funeral home:

Apparently they opted for the Divine funeral with the ever-popular 'Eyes-Open' feature

And her parents are incensed to find out that the $144.98 funeral they were promised is going to cost much, much more than that (thanks to all the 'extras' that were tacked on).

Meanwhile, a local detective decides to take his secretary out for lunch at a local dive:

And it's only pointed out about a dozen times during this scene that the special is 'leg of lamb' and that a woman named Sally Lamb was murdered recently.  You know, in case, REALLY REALLY slow people are watching the movie.

AND - the secretary's name is Miss Chicken, so you know she's probably not long for this world:

As her boss and other police are investigating her murder, our slimy funeral owner shows up to sell his famous $144.98 funeral - well, the cost before any 'extras', of course.  But the detective fills out the contract bottom line for 144.98 - and tells the funeral owner no 'extras' are necessary.

And then then the slowest detective on the planet goes back to the restaurant to miss out on more huge clues:

In case any of this isn't completely obvious, the three killers are all profiting from the murders - with the restaurant owners serving up the murder victims, and the funeral owner making money burying the 'leftovers'.

I like Undertaker - it kind of has an HG Lewis / David Friedman kind of feel, but with a purposeful tongue in cheek attitude.

After all, a movie that has pie fights:

Vats of acid - which are labeled 'ACID' so as to avoid any confusion:

And in what HAS to be the funniest scene in the movie (although I can't tell if this one is on purpose or not), the killers make what has to be the SLOWEST escape ever out of window after being walked in during a murder.

Then, after they've literally taken their sweet time getting away, one of the women runs over to the window and pulls out a gun in the table nearby -

What ensues is the strangest, most hysterical bad dubbing of a gun firing that I've ever seen in my life - complete w bizarre hip thrusting by the young woman with the gun.

Oh, and BTW, this is what a $144.98 funeral looks like:

The insanity is worth the price of admission - and btw, you shouldn't have to pay more than a few bucks for this movie. Mine cost a whole DOLLAR when I picked it up a couple of years ago.

Mama F.


Jinx said...

Just catching up with all your awesome posts. I've been super sick and have missed loads.
Love this. Got to check it out. Think I'm a tiny bit in love with sailor boy. And isn't it nice when things are helpfully labelled?

Mother Firefly said...

Sorry to hear you've been under the weather! Glad you're on the rebound. I was just on your lovely blog yesterday and read the interview you did with Joe Monster...Loved it!