Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day Fourteen: Ghost Adventures

I've talked about my love for the Ghost Hunter guys many times, especially on my other (neglected) blog, Old Spooky House.  But I'm not the only nutcase responsible for that blog, so I can at least do the American thing and blame other people for it. (Hee)

Who were also here in Milwaukee last night, and I wasn't there.....sigh....just too much going on recently.

I've also talked (or drooled) about my crush, Josh Gates, from Destination Truth, on that blog as well.

I've got a destination for you, Mister......It's called MAH BEDROOM

I think, however, I have neglected to mention these dudes very much - and maybe it's because I'm slightly embarrassed to admit my fondness for this show. Then I realized that it totally belongs in my huge stack of other guilty pleasures, like Road House, Showgirls, American Idol, and any VH-1 show that features slutty drunk women competing for some washed up recording star. (What happened to those shows, btw??)

These dudes, my friends, are my guilty ghost-hunting pleasure.

I heart ghost hunting shows (I even have my own K-2 meter - all the ghost nerds will know what I mean) and I can't say I would recommend the Ghost Adventure guys methods, or even that I believe all of their results.  (They find something every single time????)

But there is something that is so all-fired craaaaazy about how they go into a completely dark place, get locked in, and start calling the ghosts out.  And these dudes don't even stop there, they invite the nasty stuff, the demons, the what have you, to get up all in their faces, and at least one of them has to fight off a mini- possession at least every other show.
And I don't even think I believe in that stuff. 

I know - it's the National Inquirer version of paranormal research. And I'm sure that what they do makes the other guys who have a more systematic and well, reserved, method of research want to hold their heads and cry.

But there is something about watching these three get locked down, even though you can pretty much predict what will happen.  We have our  'Oh Chick, Chick-Chick-CHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK' guy who provides the scared reactions(Fans of a certain comedy team will get that one), we have the guy who's kind of in the middle as far as reactions and provocations, and then we have Zach:

I can't decide if this guy is sexy or just insane.....or maybe both.
 Who likes to yell and intimidate the ghosts into giving him paranormal evidence.

Then someone has to fight off possession.

 I don't even BELIEVE in possession.  (I believe more in the influence of our own minds) but I can't say I secretly hope that one of these times, Zach's head will spin completely around and he'll spray green vomit all over his compadres. Which will then cause the poor man's Lou Costello to cry and pee his pants simultaneously.

As silly as this show may feel at times, it's still more entertaining than the slew of remakes and sequels in the horror genre - at least you get some good spooky stories and history before their lock downs - and they do often revisit places they've gone to before. They also have some of the weirdest equipment out there. 

So if you're home on a Friday night and have nothing better to do, tune in the Ghost Adventure boys and watch Zach and his crazy hair yell at dead people in the dark.

Mother Firefly


Jumbo's Lezis said...

I have to admit that I too watch this show, Damian and I sit down on saturday and catch up with all our shows. Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth being our favorite. Speaking of Destination Truth has had some pretty good ghost stuff lately. The guys on Ghost Adventures are out there, but I don't think its a complete line of shit. I don't care for the headset that calls off random words, but I am interested in the white noise scanner. It seems to pick up every scanable frequency and the way they show it, it allows for direct communication. My problem with it is there is so much garbage in the air it seems on the high side of probability that you would get something random that seems to be a response

Jumbo's Lezis said...

Oh, about old spooky house, I am going to be making a couple of posts on there in the next few days.

Jinx said...

Hee hee. I could quite genuinely wet myself laughing whenever I watch Ghost Adventures. It also makes for a good drinking game.
But the scariest thing about it is Zach's freaky mishapen arms and tiny, tiny wrists. They terrify me.

Mother Firefly said...

JL: Get to postin', Mister! I could use a good dose of true life ghost stories from our favorite place....
I am TOTALLY behind on DT, but caught up on GH and GA. I loved the recent GA at the Stanley. Thought that was great. I definitely have to stay there someday.

Jinx: They're just so nuts you almost want to hate them, but then so completely over the top in a kind of awesome way, that you have to love them. Which makes the show great.
I have to admit, I never noticed the tiny wrists. I'm sure I'll be fixating on them from now on, lol.
What parts of the insanity are you choosing to drink to?

Mother Firefly said...

JL: I also don't think everything they do is BS. I do think some of their EVPs are a stretch as far as what they interpret out of them. I don't know what I think of all their equipment, but it is cool to see some different stuff. Based on the recent show at the Stanley, it seems that they have someone who designs equipment for them?

Jinx said...

Oh, you must look out for those tiny freaky wrists.
I find you can drink pretty much the whole way through if you set your mind to it, but Aaron's scared face is a classic, really shoddy EVPs too and every time spirits drain the camera batteries, possessions mean you have down your glass. Also if you're feeling really daring every time they call each other 'bro'. SO much fun.