Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Update on Contest , Zombie Puppets, and Pretty Much Everything Else

Hi, we're home and I'd really LOVE to post some pictures from my trip - but once again my computer does not want to cooperate and download hopefully I'll be able to use another computer to get that done so I can get to some blogging.

I'd also like to change the rules of the contest - due to, ahem, really low response - if you want to enter, then just leave a comment in that post. Or this one. Or whatever. Believe me, at this point, barring some major onslaught of entries - you've got a pretty good shot. So in that vein, if you really don't want it - don't enter, because chances are good you'll end up with it. Lol.

I have a lot to say about my trip and what was good (and what wasn't) and I think we got some good shots of the festivities and the parks.

I don't want to go back to work, but I am glad to be home. I missed my cats and my Autumn Wisconsin weather. We had a long hot summer and I was all, 'Enough already with the sunshine and the hot and the bright already!'.  I just wasn't far enough away from summer yet to appreciate it.

I am hoping that I can make this a yearly tradition and seek out some new Halloween Haunt every year to try - when I was a kid - and we lived far away from EVERYTHING - we always made excursions out to other places in the state to go on haunted hay rides, Haunted houses, you name it. I'll talk more about that when I blog about the haunted houses.

When I moved to Milwaukee, I thought I'd be in seventh heaven, finally living in a big city around Halloween time - but the truth of it is - we seem to have a dearth of good Halloween options in this town. Unless I'm just looking in the wrong places, the things I have tried are just well, okay. (With the KILLER exception of the Night of the Living Dead Zombie Puppet Show going on tomorrow night, of course!). I did find a great haunted asylum a few years ago on the South side but I haven't seen them since so I'm assuming they never reopened.

Last year i watched the Travel Channel's specials on the Best Haunts in America - great specials that made me want to visit all of these places around the country. I also found out that the Detroit area has the most haunted houses/attractions in October per capita (or something like that, anyway, there's A LOT) so that probably accounts for my disappointment upon moving to Milwaukee.

I wuz spoiled.

But - there is a great website on America's Best Haunts - and I'm happy to say that Wisconsin did make the top 20 this year - although this place is not in Milwaukee. It may, however, end up being my Halloween destination next year.

Wisconsin FearGrounds

And here is the promo for the NOLD:TPS at the Oriental tomorrow night. Can't wait!!!!

Also a very cool article can be found online here


Jinx said...

So glad you had such a great time. Glad you are back too.
If it hadn't been for the fact that I live so far away I would have entered your awesome contest. I love the painting.
Hope your Halloween is the spookiest ever. Zombie puppets, fantastic, wish I could go. Looking forward to the haunted house posts.

harleygirl13 said...

Glad you made it back safe. Looking forward to pics. The Wisconsin Feargrounds sounds interesting.Probably worth the trip. I have been traveling alot and not always able to use the computer. I need to go back and read your blogs. Have fun at the puppet show!!

Mother Firefly said...

Jinx, consider yourself officially entered - this will only be a print, so I will mail it anywhere! Feel free to do the other things for more entries if you want.

HG: Puppet show was AWESOME. They couldn't have done a better job. I even managed to get a friend to go with me, so I exposed someone else to the madness! Pictures coming soon....And yeah, Grandma Firefly, get to readin'!!!! Your grandkitties are crazed and annoyed by the dancing Frankenstein, btw.

Except for Puff, who thinks everything is either 'stupid' or 'more stupid than the last thing'.

Jumbo's Lezis said...

I posted on a couple of things including the Haunted on Hamilton Street, you can link if you want