Monday, October 4, 2010

Day Two: Blood Junkie

The Milwaukee Film Festival finished up last night, and I was at the Oriental for the finale. Every year the Festival shows ONE horror movie, and I always manage to see it, and their choices are usually good.  In previous years I've seen House of the Devil, Severance, and The Signal.  So this year I opened up the catalog to find my ONE horror movie, and holy crap.....there was one.....and two....and three......FOUR, count 'em, FOUR genre movies.


I couldn't make it to two of them.


Blame bad planning and totally spacing on the dates for the festival and neither myself or Papa Cash taking any time off for it.  I don't know what changed this year, MFF, but I like it.  Do it again. Mama says so.

Anyway, one of the films I saw was Blood Junkie.

This little treat was filmed in Wisconsin, and it's a kind of 80's flashback "Let's Go Into the Woods and Get Ourselfs Kilt" deal.  The write up in the catalog compared it to Evil Dead, but I'd put it more in the realm of movies like The Forest and Don't Go In The Woods.

Blood Junkie reminded me of the kind of thing you see at Horror Conventions, a movie that goes down better with an alcoholic beverage and a bunch of genre fans looking to have a good time. I don't know if it would be as much fun watching it alone in my living room - where I watch most of my horror movies.....but it's still better than a lot of low budget fare out there - or than a lot of the movies with a budget ten times as big (or more).  It was an easy on the attention span 75 minutes, and the film did a good job of making it look like the 80's all over again.  

Website for Blood Junkie here.

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