Friday, October 15, 2010

Day Eleven: Bat Scentbug

Just when I was doing so came along and a few long days have totally knocked me off my schedule. For two nights in a row I've fallen asleep in front of my computer trying to work on Halloween posts. But TGIF, and I have a few things planned including Mama's first ever CONTEST!  I'm hoping to get caught up before we leave for vacation next week, and then post some things from Orlando....provided the Wi-Fi we're supposed to have works correctly.

Anyway, here is one of my Halloween purchases this year:
It's from Bath and Body and they also have new scents for October like Autumn, Caramel Apple, Pumpkin Patch and Autumn Apple.

I stopped using scented candles about a year ago and switched over to oils. I usually use a warmer, but this one runs on batteries and a fan - the scent isn't as strong as the warmer, but it does a fairly good job in a small space.   The scent was strong enough to make my cat gag, anyway.  Nissa (Miss Glowing Eyes from Day One) is also Miss Sensitive (to food, strong odors, and change of any kind) and gags (yes, actually gags - it'd be funny if it weren't so pathetic) when she smells things like coffee, perfume, and now, Autumn Apple, apparently.

That's a great advertising campaign for Bath and Body -
Scentbugs....scents so strong they'll make your cats gag!

Plus, it's a bat!

See you tomorrow......
Mama F


Daph said...

Ah the gagging cat....yes...I have five of those lol

Mother Firefly said... other two aren't quite so sensitive. I checked out your blog and your awesome dolls! Entered your contest, too. And - as you can see, found quite a few cool links from your blog as well.

I'll be posting my own contest by the end of the weekend!

Jinx said...

That made me giggle, then feel guilty, poor little kitty.

Mother Firefly said...

That is usually my response - it's difficult sometimes to give her new things to smell because it's a total mixture of cute/sad.