Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day Five: Awesome Halloween Box

Okay, so it's technically day 9, but Mama had a hell of a week, so we've got some catching up to do. Never fear, I've been slavishly watching movies all day just for your benefit (I'm so selfless) so I'll be posting my reviews and other Halloween themed things I've discovered in the last few days.

One nice thing that happened yesterday was the delivery of a package I wasn't expecting (don't you love that!) from Grandma Firefly.

What I got was a little Halloween care package courtesy of Hallmark:

The Dancing Frankenstein was inside the cool Halloween box, that screamed when I opened it. 


A nice way to end a long week and a great start to my self imposed Hermit style weekend. It's my last one before I need to pack for my trip, so Mama is putting her feet up and indulging in movies that all kinds of bad for me....including one that's probably bad for everyone....but in a good way.....more on that later.

Mama Firefly

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