Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day Eighteen: Contest!!!

Well, evidently I had to travel about 1200 miles away from my home to FINALLY  be able to get some time to post on my contest.

My computer in Milwaukee refused to download my photos, but my notebook is actually  behaving very well here in Orlando.

The prize is a print of a watercolor painting I recently did:

I apologize for the quality - I had to photograph the painting (and didn't do a great job) since I don't have a scanner.

I've never seen The Brain Eaters (1958) and apparently, it's not available on DVD at the moment. But I needed a black and white photo for an exercise in my painting class, and when I found this, I used a black and white version to create my own version.   I would never sell this, of course, since it's obviously just an art exercise using someone else's work - but I can give a print away.

I'm also considering using this technique to create some original work - but of course time is a huge factor - and while I'm still at my current job (please, Jebus, not for too much longer!!) then that may hamper my efforts.

The exercise was to paint this picture using only two colors. I cheated a little bit and put a touch of pink and yellow in it. But the rest of the painting was done using only two other colors.

To enter the contest, you can do one of two things:
1) Guess which colors I used and guess correctly - I'll take very generic color names. Pink and yellow do not count, since I already named them, obviously.  I'll also tell you that 'white' is not an answer - any white on the painting is just unpainted background. But you have to get both correct, which gets you an entry into the contest.

2) Post a link to my contest on your blog and post that link in the comments.

Do both and you'll get two entries in the contest.  I will then draw one winner from those entries.

I moderate the comments, so I won't be posting them until I pick the winner of the contest on October 31st. 

*As I mentioned in a later post, you can enter the contest just by leaving a comment.  However, either guessing the correct colors or posting a link will get you additional entries*

Good Luck!
-Mother Firefly


Madbikerteknik said...

I want it! It is beautiful!!

Contact me @ souleyex@yahoo.com

Mother Firefly said...

Consider yourself entered in the contest!

Jumbo's Lezis said...

i am sure i dont qualify, but gonna try black and red